pro - LIFE(F)


PRO-LIFE(F) stabilizes water quality , improves pond bottom quality and supports the gut health of fish and shrimp, thereby improving performance and efficiency in production.  The leftover feeds, excereta  & other debris on the soil at the pond buttom., if accumulated , will create an immence  stress on the fish and makes them susceptible to diseases and ill health.  Hence , as a part of good managements farming the should ensure that the dead organic matter does not accumulate at the pond bottom.PRO-LIFE(F) helps the farmer in maintaining the clean water & healthy pond buttom.

COMPOSITION : 32 3 Billions Cfu/gm. It’s a blend of B.Subtilis , B.Licheniforms , B.Megaterium , B.Polymyxa , Rhodobacter .SP,Rhodococcus .SP, Nitrobacter , SP, Nitrosonomas.SP.

APPLICATION : Soak the contents in 100 Ltrs of clean water for 2 hours and apply to the pond.


PRO-LIFE(F) converts various toxic compounds like H2S , CH4 & mercaptans into stable .

PRO-LIFE(F) reduces ammonia toxicity by converting NH3 into Nitrates.

PRO-LIFE(F) prevents sudden fish kills.

PRO-LIFE(F) also contains rich oxygens donors to fulfill the requirements of various oxidizing compounds present in it.

PRO-LIFE(F) maintains the balance of Bicarbonate alkalinity.

PRO-LIFE(F) Application easy to use , eco friendly & non-hazardous.

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