live - life

Live-Life is digestive enhancer , hepatogenic , metabolic and liver stimulant and growth promoter for aquaculture. A effective and very productive in aquaculture ponds Fish / Shrimp / Prawns. Its synthetic and chemical products , it has no toxicity or residual effects . Regulates and tones up Liver functions. Restores hepatic functions and regenerates the damaged liver tissues. Improves digestion for better feed conversation efficiency , growth and production. Live-Life provides complete protection against aflatoxins and other Hepatotoxins through efficient detoxification of metabolic by-products and toxins. Oligosaccharides and polysaccharides with natural herbal extract required for nonspecific immune response of fishes and shrimps in Speciality liquid from along with enzyme modulator.


Live-Life Supply Vitamins , Amino Acids and Other Nutrients for Therapy Growth .

Live-Life protect from Liver Diseases of Fish / Shrimp / Prawn .

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