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nano - copper

A Copper nanoparticle is a copper based particle 1 to 100nm in size. Like many other forms of nanoparticles, a copper nanoparticle can be formed by natural processes or through chemical synthesis . Nanoparticle technology, which handles the preparation, processing , application and characterization of Nanoparticle, is a new  and revolutionary technology. Copper nanoparticle are one of the most used due to their antibacterial and  other properties would help in controlling the Algae. The ion particles will break down the cell membrane and penetrate the organism.

In aquaculture production , the inappropriate management often promotes proliferation of diseases in aquatic organism. Another problem related to aquaculture is the excessive growth of phytoplankton, particularly blue-green algae. Copper sulphate ( CuSO4 ) is employed to control diseases and algae in aquaculture facilities. Copper is an essential micronutrient required for the various functions in biological systems , such as cell structure and enzymes activities of fish.


Controls blue green algae

Effective against Pathogens

Acts as Antifungal

Reduces Toxic compounds

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