Multi - Zyme

MultiZyme enhances the nutritional value of the CORNSOY based poultry diets. Incorporation of Multi Zyme over the top of the existing feed formulae ensures economic improvement of the poultry farming. On the other hand MultiZyme can also be alternatively used by reducing the energy levels thereby, lowering the production costs per tonne of feed, while maintaining the previously achieved performance of the flock. MultiZyme is an enzyme complex produced by Aspergillus oryzae by a unique controlled fermentation. The product is tuned to contain the required optimal doses of

This enzyme complex along with probiotic and prebiotic combination has been specially produced to cater the needs of the cornsoy based feed on the Poultry Industry. Corn is traditionally considered to release the energy consistently, but a number of reports shown that it doesn’t do so, Hence the supplementation of MultiZyme would maintain a consistent bird performance by restoring the nutritional value of the feed.


  • Alphaamylase digests starch from corn and other carbohydrate sources to release the energy for maintaining the bird’s metabolic and physiological process.
  • Proteases break down the long chains of proteins into the form which can be easily absorbed into the hepatoportal blood vascular system.
  • Xylanase and Cellulase digests the outer covering cellwalls and ensures the exposure of the enclosed nutrients for further digestion by amylase, protease etc.
  • RNAase will breakdown the nucleic acids and releases the free nucleotides along with certain phosohate moieties.
  • MultiZyme is basically designed for the cornsoy diets, however it also helps in the digestion of diets containing about 1820% of wheat or wheat by products.


INCORPORATION: Should be preferentially done via a premix

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