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I-LIFE Iodine is as an effective disinfectant. Usually traditional form of iodine has many disadvantages like being toxic and irritating to live forms, besides leaving strains on the body. We formulate to combination of iodine with solubilization and emulsifying agents of iodine slowly and surfactant having detergent properties ,thereby taking care of the disadvantage of conventional forms of iodine.

Unlike conventional forms of iodine, iodophor is stable under normal conditions of storage and is different in cold as well as hard water. Dues to its anti-microbial action of I-LIFE Iodine cures external infection and effectively controls bacterial path-ogens like pseudomonas spps., vibrio spps., Aeromonas spps.,etc., fungal pathogens like Fusarium,, Lagenedium, pythium etc.,protozoans like Zoothamnium , Vorticella etc, and viruses like Baculovirus.


Protects the shrimp/prawn from secondary infection in case of wounds caused by external damages

Cures swollen gills, red gills, tail rot , broken appendages in Shrimp/Prawn.

Controls bacterial , viral, fungal and protozoan pathogens.

Provides a highly concentrated, stable & bio-available form of essential iodine is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-staining to the Shrimp/Prawn.

Specially made for aquaculture , provides & conductive environment for growth to the Shrimp/Prawn.

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