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Probiotics had made a substantial influence in Aqua Culture; keeping in mind the needs of Aqua farmers we are using the state of art technology with the combination of Probiotics, Enzymes and Vitamins to promote growth which will results in higher yields. Regular usage of B  LIFE  will results in

Description :  

B LIFE  is a  powerful disinfectant specialized for prevention and Treatment of microbial infections on shrimp. It  also promote good Water quality , inhabit algae growth and  kill pathogens. B LIFE  is  a Unique product  from Proprenz Bio-Tech pvt Ltd, Consists of right proportions of aquaculture grade Benzylkonium chloride .The right combination results In a synergetic action.


Effectively Controls bacterial, fungal and protozoan diseases in shrimp.

Complete purifier and sanitizer for water in fish & prawn ponds and Increases cultivation density .

Clean body, gill or removes dirty matters from shrimp body.

Does not Cause any stress to shrimp or the environment.

Reduce the frequency of water exchange.

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We adopted a policy to produce pure, safe high effective probiotics and enzymes for Poultry, Piggery, Cattle, sheep and Aqua Farms.

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