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Plankt-Life fish pond fertilizer and algae nutrition product is used to create healthy green phytoplankton blooms in ponds and lakes. Over several seasons of feeding and fertilizing, chemically bound nutrients tied up in the sludge of pond bottoms release back into the pond / lake, resulting in a nutrient overload and imbalance. The excess of nutrients alters the algae’s growth environment forcing less desirable species of algae to bloom and predominate.

Plankt-Life uses a balanced nutritional strategy to prevent sudden phytoplankton die-off and avoid blue green algae blooms caused from high nutrient loads and nutrient imbalances.  Most ponds have adequate phosphorous to create a phytoplankton bloom, however, it becomes chemically bound in pond mud over time. Plankt-Life provides a balanced mixture of micronutrients to help ease phosphorous release from pond bottoms to create a stable and balanced phytoplankton bloom. Unlike regular pond fertilizers, Plankt-Life accelerates the ponds / lake’s naturally occurring bio-oxidative processes to consume organic materials, prevent sludge buildup, and manage nutrient overload in fish ponds and lakes


Improves Phytoplankton

Improves Zooplankton

Restores the Growth

Prevents infectious gastrointestinal disease

Improves the intestinal microbial balance

Maintains pond balanced ecosystem

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We adopted a policy to produce pure, safe high effective probiotics and enzymes for Poultry, Piggery, Cattle, sheep and Aqua Farms.

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