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DE PARASITEPro is better choice for Flukes , external nematodes, Anchor worms , Columnaris or Aerommonas / Vibrio infections. DE PARASITEPro is a strong oxidizer that when added to water will give a deep purple color that will slowly turn brown / yellow as it oxidizes. The more dissolved organics, the more dissolved organics,the more quickly the change of color to brown / yellow which indicates the oxidation properties are mostly spent. DE PARASITEPro is useful for water clarification and odur elimination ; often where a bacterial cloud is present . Recommendations : Probably the best for fish baths or swabbing infections caused by bacterium. Best to use in external aquarium for 15 30 min of fish bath and then shift fish to regular aquarium by which the host fishes are safe from infections.

Dosage & Applications :
Add one cap full of DE PARASITEPro to 35 Ltrs of water for external bath treatment of Fish and Plants or any other decorative items before adding to the Aquarium.

Benefits :

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