pro - fit

An unique combination of essential minerals, vitamins, probiotics , Enzymes and herbal extracts during the period of stress and diseases. The fluid and soft tissue are effected . this leads to the drain of electrolytes from the body creating electrodes imbalance in the body. Deficiency of minerals leads to abnormal shell and muscle Formation . Mineral imbalance in the soil and water leads to poor growth and survival of shrimp / fish.

PROBIOTICS : B.Subtilis , B.Licheniforms , B.Clausii, B.Megaterium , B.Sphaericus , B.bifidum , B.Coagulans ,  B.Amyloliguefaciens , Cellulomonas UDA , E.Faecium , L.Acidophillus , L.Sporogenes , L.Rhamnosus , S.Faecium.

PREBIOTICS :  Oligosaccharides , Mannan Oligosaccharides.

ENZYMES :  Protease , Cellulase , Beta Glucosidase , Amtlase , Lipase.

Essential Vitamins: Aminoacids & Herbal Mix.  

APPLICATION : Take required quantity of Pro-Fit  and mix with Gel-Life  and  mix the solution with feed  and keep it for 10 minutes and spread over the feeding area.


Protects from loose shell syndrome (LSS).* Protect against cramping muscle.

Help moulting and shell formation. * Effective against gut problems.

Provides shell firmness and weight gain. * Help shrimp growth in fresh water .

Reduce stress from salinity changes & better Survival rate.

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