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White spot disease is caused by a virus called as White spot Syndrome Virus ( WSSV ). WSSV is a rod shaped double standard DNA virus. White spot  Syndrome Virus ( WSSV ) has a world wide distribution and is considered one of the most pathogenic and devastating viruses to the Shrimp industry.

EMS / AHNF :  Early Mortality Syndrome or cute Hepatopancreatic Necrosis Disease. Generally disease Appears during the 1st 30 Days of stocking. It is characterized by high Mortalities  sometimes 100% within the first 30 days. fungal pathogens like  Fusarium,, Lagenedium, pythium etc.,protozoans like Zoothamnium , Vorticella etc, and viruses like Baculovirus.

EHP : Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei , a microsporidean which is a spore Forming parasite, it’s a kind of fungal infection. It does not infect mussel Tissue, but infects the hypatopancreatic tissue, the same organ that the Toxin in EMS targeted.

Inimitable composition of 11 herbal extracts was developed as a preventive medicine for the EHP / AMS / WSSV. Our R&D team worked for more then 18 months to develop this product. It does not contain and chemical or antibiotics.

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