DE green - pro

DE GREENPro is a effective medication used for the control of various external parasites of freshwater and marine fishes. When used as directed the medication will control or prevent the following common protozoan parasites: Ichthyophthirius (fresh water ich) , costra , Chilodonella ,Ambiphyra , Cryptocaryon irritans ( marine ich ) , Epistylis , Oodinium and Trichodona. DE GREENPro : is also effective against common external infections of fishes and eggs which include Achiya and Saprolegnia. An extensive body of literature supports its use as an effective agent in the control of fungus on fish eggs.
Note : In generalDE GREENPro is not recommended for use with invertebrates species , Please read
” Contradictions & Toxicity ” below. DE GREENPro : will bind strongly with the internal Cytoplasmic structures of parasites and interfere in
normal metabolism ( for Aquarium Purpose Only )

Indications : Controls disease caused external parasites , White Spot disease on Fish .

Dosages & Applications :DE GREEN-Pro For use in Freshwater or Saltwater

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