bio - life

Concentration: - +10x10⁹ CFU/g

To control pond bottom pollution, to control soil ph reduces and need of frequent water exchanges, biodegrades unspent feed, dead algae, dead animals. Improves water quality acts as disease prophylaxis

Specially formulated for Vanamei


Decomposes organic sludge

Promotes fish & shrimp growth rate & production.

Eliminates BOD & COD levels.

Suppresses the harmful pathogenic bacteria loads by competitive exclusion and reduces the incidence of infections.

Reduce the ammonia levels.

Maintains clean and clear water with a healthy plankton bloom.

Reduce the frequency of water exchange.

Improves the oxygen dissolving capacities of the pond water


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We adopted a policy to produce pure, safe high effective probiotics and enzymes for Poultry, Piggery, Cattle, sheep and Aqua Farms.

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