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Sludge kill is a Unique combination of Microbes which are highly effective on the bottom sludge and convert to bacterial biomass. Formulation and accumulation of sludge in intensive ponds is generally perceived to impact shrimp production, although there have been few systematic investigations. Sludge deposits are suspected as the site of much of the biochemical oxygen demand, mineralization of nutrients from organic matter , formation of toxic metabolites, and possibly the site of nutrient and organic matter recycling back into the pond food web. The sludge management regime influenced overlying water quality, with the most pronounced effect being a significant reduction in ammonia – nitrogen , orthophosphate and in vivo fluorescence and an increase in dissolved oxygen for the treatment.

APPLICATION : Poor Pond  bottom to Healthy Organic Pond  bottom .


Highly effective on High Organic Soils .

Highly effective on accumulated toxins at pond bottom.

Prevents Vibrio loads attack on shrimps

Reduces Negative elements and improves survivability.

Also improves water quality.

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