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Multi - Probe

Probiotics and Prebiotics play a major role in restoring the astrointestinal micro-ecological balance and help in establishing a healthy gut flora. It reduces intestinal ammonia establishing a healthy gut flora. It reduces intestinal ammonia concentration and prevents infection caused by putrefactive micro-organisms. The micro- organisms also produce enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients, which promote growth and immune system of Goat / Sheep. It gives an excellent response on the production of meat by favouring food intake, absorption, food conversion ratio etc. On the other hand, use of antibiotics as growth promoter has been strictly banned as it is a concern of potential antimicrobial residue in meat products of treated animals. Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control have called an extensive reevaluation of continued use of antimicrobial feed additives. The enzymes play an active role in  digestion. The fortified enzyme combination in the product enables easy digestion of food materials thereby increases appetite and food intake. Goat / Sheep cannot synthesise phytase of its own. Thus, it is essential to incorporate in the feed supplement. Supplementation of phytase in feed enhances energy, protein and phosphorous availability from the feed. The largely indigestible non-starch polysaccharides are often not digested by the monogastric animals. Thus incorporation of other enzymes such as xylanase, cellulase etc. degrade cell walls hydrolyzing fiber components in the large intestine. Vitamins and minerals of macro and micro, which are essential for normal function and growth of the Goat / Sheep, have been incorporated and other growth promoting minerals have also been supplemented in the product for enhancing growth.

1 Kg Composition contains

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